Harrier Stockpile

Harrier Stockpile helps to automate the process of defining, computing and maintaining indices including applying corporate actions, thereby helping organizations publish correct index values on time every time.

In the highly volatile and dynamic world of stock markets speed, precision and accuracy are of utmost importance.

Harrier Stockpile

'Harrier Stockpile', the final word in stock market indices ensures this and much more. 'Harrier Stockpile' is a multi-exchange, multi-currency solution for computing stock market indices. It goes beyond mere Excel computing and is a highly advanced, feature rich, value added solution with immense capabilities. It automates the entire process of capturing, defining and maintaining indices while factoring in corporate actions in constituent stocks and applying rule based manipulation of various parameters related to the stocks thereby completely eliminating any scope of human error. The result is highly accurate indices, consistently over years.

Harrier Stockpile - Features

'Harrier Stockpile' has following major features.

Multi exchange

'Harrier Stockpile' is capable of allowing an index to be defined comprising of stocks from multiple markets around the world. This helps in defining indices for a region (e.g. Latin America, Europe) or a group of countries (e.g. ASEAN, G15, Emerging Markets).

Multi currency

The prices of stocks from different countries are converted from their local currency to the base currency of the index for computing the market capitalization of an index.

Multiple Methodologies

The system supports calculation of index values using Market Cap method, Adjusted Market Cap method (here, the Investible/float factor for a stock is considered), currency index and total returns index. The system can also calculate settlement value of an index, which uses the first price of each component stock for the trading day, in case the index is traded in the futures market.

Corporate Actions

'Harrier Stockpile' has integrated database support for definition and maintenance of indices and applying corporate actions. It provides facility for importing from file, corporate actions data, stock prices and other information. It lets you apply corporate actions at Index as well as individual stock levels.

  1. Who is using Harrier Stockpile?
    • Following organization is currently using Harrier Stockpile.
    • India Index Services & Products Ltd. (A subsidiary of National Stock Exchange and CRISIL, that publishes S&P CNX Nifty index)
  2. What instruments are supported?
    Following are the currently supported instruments.
    • Equities
    • ADRs
    • GDRs
    • Commodities
  3. What index types/methods are supported?
    Following methods of index computation are supported.
    • Market capital weighted
    • Adjusted/Modified market capital weighted (Free float weighted)
    • Price weighted
    • Equal weighted
    • Currency index
    • Total return index
  4. Does it accept real time price feed?
    By design, 'Harrier Stockpile' is capable of accepting real time price feed. Support for any specific feed required to be used by a client will be developed.
  5. Is hierarchy of indices according to industry classification supported?
    Yes. It also lets the client define and use their own industry classification.
  6. Can we apply corporate actions on constituent stocks?
    Yes, absolutely! This is one of the strengths of 'Harrier Stockpile'. It lets the user apply various corporate actions for stocks comprising indices.
  7. What corporate actions are supported?
    Following are the supported corporate actions.
    • Cash dividend
    • Special dividend
    • Stock dividend
    • Bonus
    • New issue of capital
    • Stock split
    • Reverse split
    • Rights
    • Warrant conversion
    • Merger and amalgamation
  8. Is defining and calculating index from a past date supported?
    Yes. 'Harrier Stockpile' lets you create an index from a past date and automatically calculates all the values for the index, till current date.
  9. Can we rebase an index from a past date?
  10. Can we add/drop stocks from an index?
    Yes. Following index events are currently supported.
    • Add a stock
    • Drop a stock
    • Change investible weight (free float) factor for a stock
    • Change index base currency
    • Rebasing an index
  11. Can we apply rebalancing for an index?
  12. What reports are available?
    Following are some important reports available apart from host of other reports.
    • Index list
    • Index movement
    • Index composition
    • Index comparison
    • Index comparison OHLC
    • Index performance
    • Index Returns and volatility
    • Index correlation
    • Overall index view
    • Latest index divisors
    • Index P/Es
    • Stock weights
    • Company weights
    • Industry weights
    • Stock contribution in index change
    • Basket orders
    • 'What-if' index values for changing stock prices
    • Beta
    • Stock list
    • Stocks with high/low dividend yield
    • Stock details
    • Average market cap of stocks for a duration over/below a cut-off
  13. Are various reports presented graphically using charts?
    Yes, almost all the reports present information graphically as well as in tabular format.
  14. Can I import data from files?
    Yes, you can import stock masters, prices, exchange rates, corporate actions, index composition, financial performance and other data from files obtained from exchanges. Currently, files formats for NSE and NYSE are supported.
  15. What file formats are supported?
    Files in CSV, Excel, XML and DBF formats can be imported into the system.
  16. Can I save output into files? What format?
    Yes, absolutely! You can save reports as CSV, Excel or XML files.
  17. Can I email reports?
    Yes, you can email reports directly from the system.
  18. Can we create customized indices based on existing indices?
    Yes, 'Harrier Stockpile' lets you create customized indices by modifying the composition of an existing index to suit your own investment criteria or portfolio.
  19. Can we capture values for indices we do not calculate?
    Yes, 'Harrier Stockpile' lets you capture values of indices publicly available for comparison and reporting purpose.
  20. Does it support creating indices to suit investment styles like large cap, small cap, growth or value?
    Yes. 'Harrier Stockpile' has built-in support for defining and using investment 'styles'
  21. Does it support creating indices compliant to different investment philosophy?
    Yes. 'Harrier Stockpile' lets you define different compliance-criteria and define indices meeting particular criteria like indices that are environment friendly or are compliant with 'shariah'.
  22. How does it help me remember a corporate action to be applied on ex-date?
    'Harrier Stockpile' lets you maintain a corporate actions diary and it alerts you on ex-date to help remember a corporate action to be applied. It also lets you apply the action directly from the diary.
  23. Can it be interfaced with any other internal system (e.g. RMS, PMS)?
    Yes. By design, 'Harrier Stockpile' is capable of interfacing with different systems. It supports various stock identifiers like Exchange codes, ISIN, SEDOL, CUSIP and RIC to be able to use whatever identifier the other system uses.
  24. What are the configurable parameters that I can modify to suit our requirements?
    Following is the list of configurable parameters in the system. Values for these parameters can be altered to suit the system to your organizational requirements and ease of data entry. This is an ever growing list.
    • Default Language
    • Default Country
    • Default Currency
    • Default Date format
    • Default Time zone
    • Default Stock Exchange
    • Default Market lot size
    • Default precision level (number of decimal places)
    • Default alter percentage
    • Default rejection percentage
    • Maximum number of companies
    • Default industry classification standard
    • Default date difference for reports
    • Price adjustment on Cash dividend (Y/N)?
    • Default Index-interval
  25. What are the hardware requirements and costs?
    This depends on the usage level and amount of data you envisage for 'Harrier Stockpile' to support. For a small to medium user group and moderate amount of data, a latest PC should suffice.
  26. What is the technical platform for the solution?
    'Harrier Stockpile' is developed using latest open, web-based, platform independent Java Technology that is future proof to protect your technology investment for a reasonably foreseeable future.
  27. Where can I learn more about 'Harrier Stockpile'?
  28. What kind of support is available?
    Harrier Information systems has a local support team available anytime for support. We generally provide support the same day and guarantee turnaround time of 24 hours at Mumbai.
  29. Can you customize the solution to our requirements?
  30. What kind of commitment Harrier guarantees for the product?
    Harrier is absolutely committed to enhance and support 'Harrier Stockpile' on ongoing basis.
  31. What is your USP?
    'Harrier Stockpile' is the only off-the-shelf product available in the world to create, maintain and publish market indices. It is the last word in computing market indices.

Index Monitor:

stockpile stockpile stockpile
Edition :
Standard (Local system - Single currency)
Max. top level indices :
  • Features Included :
    • Multi Exchange
    • Single currency
    • Multiple indices
    • Database support for corporate actions and undoing last applied corporate action
    • Total returns index
    • Importing data from files in CSV, XML or DBF formats (stock master, daily prices, corporate actions, financial results, Index composition etc.)
    • All reports
    • Alerts for threshold and rejection values
Edition :
Standard Plus
Max. top level indices :
  • Features Included :
    • Standard Edition plus
    • Industry classification
    • Index hierarchy for Industry Classification
    • User-profile based access control (Multi-user Support)
    • Corporate actions diary
Edition :
Global Enterprise
Max. top level indices :
  • Features Included :
    • Standard Edition plus
    • Multi Currency
    • 26*7 time zone support
    • Historic Index computation and corporate actions
    • Support for compliance criteria
Edition :
Edition for Subscription services
Max. top level indices :
  • Features Included :
    • For using 'Harrier Stockpile' to offer index computation and maintenance as a subscription-based service.
Edition :
Max. top level indices :
  • Features Included :
    • Enterprise Edition plus
    • Capture stock prices from real-time feed

For pricing information, please contact us at sales@harriersys.com

Edition :
ASP model (Hosted service)
  • Service :
    • Subscription based computation and maintenance of indices with access over the Web.
  • Subscription Changes :
    • USD 1,000 per index per annum upto 50 stocks. USD 1,000 per additional 50 stocks thereafter.
Features Harrier Stockpile Capco Factset Markit Thomson
Multi Exchange          
Corporate Actions          
Industry Classification          
Multi Currency          
Stock Wise, Index Wise Investible Weights          
Built in Security          
Integration with other systems          
Historical Index Calculations          
Historic corporate actions          
Undo applied corporate actions          
Subscription based index computation          
Real Time Data access          
Multiple Methodologies          
Integrated Database          
Dynamic P/E, P/B (indicators) calculator          
Batch reports          
Financial data and analytics          
Platform Independent          
Corporate Actions Diary          
Index Rules or compliance criteria          
Configurable Industry Classification