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Develop a flexible payment solution as a mobile app that will allow to pay anyone with just a mobile number. The main objective to design this app was to provide hassle-free, fast and secure payment transaction for things we do on daily basis.

Project Solution:

PayTonic lets you pay anyone with a mobile number. This helps you to make quick and secure payments to anybody from your phone address book. It uses mobile number as a unique identifier. Transactions can be made using only a mobile number, once registered with necessary bank details which will be saved in a secure PCI-DSS compliant vault. The app is also secured using a 4-digit PIN defined by the user. Separate registration for a merchant receiver is also defined in the app.

Key Features:

Only mobile number needed: Pay & receive money using just the mobile number.

Accept all electronic payments: Pay using net banking, credit card, debit card and mobile wallets.

Offline Payments: Unregistered users can also claim payments.

Direct Payment to Merchants: Merchants don’t need smartphone and can receive direct payments to bank account once registered with PayTonic.

Express checkout: Save your cards and bank accounts for easy transfers.

Secured: Since PayTonic is not a wallet, there is no money to be loaded into it. Hence your money is always safe in your bank.

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