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Our Major Projects

Our qualified and experienced team has expertise in developing innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly software solutions.


Client:Arooj Home Health Care

Arooj Home Healthcare, conceptualized and run by doctors, excels in providing high quality medical and supportive Arooj specializes in helping patients make a smooth transition from hospital to home, including setting up Home ICU/HDU.

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Stepathlon Lifestyle

Client:Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

Stepathlon is a 12-month employee wellness program, which includes a global 75-Day Race around a virtual world that helps employees of organisations of all sizes, across all industries and countries to stay healthy, happy and more productive.

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Corporate Governance Score Dashboard Success Story

Client:Corporate Governance And Proxy Advisory Firm

Harrier developed a web based dashboard that provides objective scoring of corporate governance practices of numerous Indian listed companies, based on various parameters. This carried a large volume of datasets. We overcome this challenge with optimized database queries and normalized database design.

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Communication, Feedback and Engagement app

Client:Arete Services

CFE - Communication, Feedback and Engagement app for schools digitizes the school diary in a mobile app as a cloud based softwar. It works as a service to parents of kids studying in schools or colleges.

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India Ratings and Research

Client:India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra)

Harrier worked closely with the client to design an architecture for the new web application. The old website had lot of reports and other important content from years that needed to migrate to a new website with an accurate management. The website was frequently updated with new data such as, reports, market news, etc. with everything being displayed on the website.

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Client:A Leading Corporate Governance And Proxy Advisory Firm in India

Harrier developed a cloud based analytical tool that captures remuneration details of CEOs and directors for over 650 companies. The data provided in ComPAYre can be used to track the compensation, pay, performance and ESOP details of directors.

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IoT CMCS (Central Monitoring & Control System)

Client:Acevin Solutions

Harrier developed a dashboard with data coming into frames over TCP/IP, enabling real time monitoring of street lights. Our well organized dashboard with coordinated statistics for each metric makes it easier for users to monitor the street light system and take needed actions when required.

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Dolphin Learning

Client:Education based in Maryland, USA

Harrier worked closely with the client to design an architecture for the system. Our designers made the website theme simple, yet impressive. The UI wa favorable for parents as well as student. The website effectively showcases learning programs along with competency of learning and student feedbacks.

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Wigmore Medical

Client:Impromptu Solutions Limited. London, UK

Wigmore Medical is the customized portal for orders & training with Special Offers & Exclusive Prices. It allows doctors and hospitals to register online through a secured process. It includes verification of accounts and managing users, patients & prescriptions. It allows users to see upcoming training courses, events and book a training session online.

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Ethos - Work Life Connect

Client:Ethos is an Australia-based company providing best practice outsourced solutions.

Harrier developed a MVC based platform, having features such as integration with Withings API to collect measurement and activity data, automated real time group average calculations, three different user roles having access to different work areas and ability for the system administrator to switch to location specific view.

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Client:Intuit Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

GovEVA is a combination of a software platform and senior consulting services to enhance an organization's corporate governance levels, leading to accelerated and tangible Economic Value Addition. GovEVA also automates and enables all the foundational secretarial compliance requirements.

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Analytical Work Center

Client:Leading credit research and rating agency in India

Harrier analyzed the scope and necessity for the solution and created an organized structure based on the requirements. The most important aspect is that the system requires continuous communication to clients and end user feedback on each step, with user experience at its best. A salient feature of the solution is the efficiency and accuracy of data presentation.

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Client:A leading corporate governance advisory firm providing corporate advisory services.

Harrier developed a cloud based analytical tool that provides packaged data that can be used to track investor reactions and market trends. This allow users to gain insights on how investors view specific issues and gain greater predictability regarding how they might vote on similar shareholder resolutions.

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PayTonic lets you pay anyone with a mobile number. This helps to make quick and secure payments to anybody on your phone address book. It uses the mobile number as a unique identifier. Once registered with necessary bank details, which will be saved in a secure PCIDSS compliant vault, only a mobile number is needed to make transactions

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PayTonic Mobile App

We decided to test mobile application with automation testing. The main objective to run test cases with automation is saving time, increasing reliability, less involvement of manual efforts. Harrier developed an automated script of mobile app on android platform using “Appium” automation tool with Selenium WebDriver, programmed in Java.

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Portfolio Analytics

Client:One of the oldest and largest brokerage firms in the Indian Security Industry.

Harrier developed a Web based 3-tier application by customizing Harrier Stockpile Portfolio analytics component to best suit the requirements. The system provides performance and attribution analysis for mutual fund schemes.

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Front Office System

Client:Derivium Capital and Securities Pvt. Ltd (Derivium)

Derivium Tradition Front Office System is meant for Derivium's internal use to automate the front office activities once the deal is finalized. This is developed in ASP.Net with C#, Oracle 9, AJAX and IIS Server. The front office system is integrated with the back office system using a common database to achieve straight through processing of fixed-income deals.

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Surveillance Database Automation

Client:CRISIL Ltd. (A subsidiary of Standard & Poors)

This is a Web-based 3-tier system for surveillance of structured financed deals rated by the client. The system has front-end as a desktop application and business logic residing in .Net web services deployed with data stored in MS SQL Server database. The client application used FarPoint spread control for user interface similar to MS Excel.

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Back Office System for MF/IPO distributors

Client:Leading India based global credit rating agency, financial research and advisory company

Harrier developed the Back Office Software System(BOSS) that interoperates with existing applications using part of the data from the existing databases of Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker and Wealth tracker applications while maintaining its own database for other client-specific data, using the 'linked tables'.

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Rent Paid Online

Client:EFX Financial Services Inc.

This is a web based system to pay rent which brings a whole new approach to the way rent payments are made as well as how those payments are processed. This system allows tenants (residents) to pay their monthly rent online.

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Stocks Options Strategies

Client:Based in California, USA

In the Stock trading world, the investor uses certain "Options strategies" to get better predictions of the stock. The main requirement was to develop an iPhone application for quick stock calculations as per these strategies using the current stock price and represent the data in tabular and graphic format for better analysis.

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Equity Research

Client:Leading India based global credit rating agency, financial research and advisory company with operations in India, US, UK and the Caribbean.

Harrier helped a leading, India-based global market research organization achieve dynamic delivery of research reports and content in shorter durations, leading to better customer experience. We used a web based, freely distributable and secured system with capability to automatically update itself with latest research reports.

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