Knowledge Management

Below are a few live examples of KM solutions developed by Harrier.

ResearchPro - Equity Research productions and publishing solution

ResearchPro is developed by Harrier to automate production and distribution of equity research reports end-to-end including document management, workflow, team collaboration and publishing. Please refer to the attached success story.

CRISIL ResearchPro - Equity Research productions and publishing solutiono

Automation of consumer credit data upload and generation of credit reports for a credit bureau

Harrier developed a custom solution for to automate upload of over 100M records per month from various members to reduce the turn-around-time to less than a day from 2.5 days earlier. This data is further used to generate consumer credit reports.

Tools used

MS Sharepoint

For Derivium Tradition India Ltd., Harrier developed a comprehensive Web-based intranet solution using MS Sharepoint for fully paperless operations across various departments/functional-groups within the organization. It is also extended to the customers as an extranet for seamless collaboration and visibility of status between project teams and customers, with customer representatives accessing Sharepoint sites for their specific projects.

MS Sharepoint