Fixed Income Quotes System Success Story

Fixed Income Quotes System

The Client

Derivium Capital and Securities - The leading Indian fixed income securities broker based in Mumbai

The Problem

Derivium required an efficient, reliable and cost effective quotes system for fixed income securities like Corporate Deposits, sovereign bonds, Interest Rate derivatives etc. with about 1000 concurrent users logged in to view those quotes being published by different users, for different products, on separate pages, at Derivium end. Pages were required to be refreshed every few seconds to display latest quotes. The solution was supposed to replace the instant Messenger/phone that was being used to publish quotes.

The Solution

Harrier developed the Web based 3 tier applications by customizing Harrier Stockpile Portfolio analytics component to best suit the requirements.

The system provides performance and attribution analysis for mutual fund schemes across the Kotak Group, along with tracking of their financial ratios and valuation parameters. The aim is to have a consolidated and universal view across the entire spectrum, and to track and attribute the performance characteristics. It also helps fund managers to track and present the performance of portfolios and impact of their investment decisions on fund's performance. They can compare their portfolio with a model benchmark portfolio and with compliance criteria.

Key Features

  • Watch-list - User can create a ?Watch list? of securities s/he is interested in from the list of securities available on various pages, as a separate ?view?.
  • Authentication - Authenticating the user based on IP Address along with other parameters and thus restricting anonymous user.
  • Enter/View Quotes - Enables user to enter and view Market quotes.
  • Self refreshing pages ? Self refreshing pages for updating the Market Quotes on the page every 6 seconds.
  • Export to Excel - User friendly way of exporting the data to an Excel worksheet.

Developed a separate reconciliation module with support for different file formats and configurable data format in order to achieve flexibility for future-modifications to the data formats.

Major Challenges & Solutions

The Authentication module required to pick up the IP Address of user's computer to ensure that the user from the same client organization is logging in to the system

This was achieved by retrieving the host IP address from the HTTP header of the login request from the client. The IP address was then compared with the valid IP address provided by the client or the one used by the user during the first login.

Technology Environment :

ASP.Net, C#, IIS 6.0, SQL server 2005, AJAX.

Team Size :

4 members

Duration :

4 months