Equity Research Success Story

Presenting equity research and industry analysis faster, at lower cost

The Client

Leading India based global credit rating agency, financial research and advisory company with operations in India, US, UK and the Caribbean.

The Problem

Client wanted to replace their existing front end client-server presentation system for equity research products, with a web based, freely distributable and secured system with capability to automatically update itself with latest research reports, on daily basis for achieving better responsiveness to customers' information requirements.

The Solution

Harrier helped develop a Web-based solution with encrypted data; open source, freely distributable components and secured, over-the-Web automatic update capability that enabled the client achieve better customer satisfaction by providing analysis of market and industry events in a more presentable manner, faster and at lower cost.

Solution Architecture:

Challenges & Solutions

Local installation at the client location
The whole site is distribute to each client with data and content specific to the services subscribed by the client

Online updates
The front end system at client end automatically updates itself with the latest released content for the services subscribed by the client by opening a connection to the server running at Crisil, download the content using HTTP protocol to avoid firewall issues.

Full text search
Used ready-made, open source component called Lucene for implementing full text search in the system

Encryption of content and data
Encrypted the content using classes from Java Crypto package

Freely distributable database management system in order to save licensing cost per client
Used free and open source PostgreSQL as RDBMS, that follows BSD license

Technology Environment :

PostgreSQL, Java 1.4.2, Jakarta Tomcat 5.0, JSP, Servlet