Dolphin Learning – Success Story

The Client

An Education company is based out of Maryland, USA and provides supplemental education and enrichment programs in in-person and online for Pre-k to 12 students on Reading & Writing, Math, Pre-K, and Test Prep (GT, SAT) etc. Their education method encourages greater communication between teachers and parents.

The Problem

Though a successful education institution, they were doing their daily administration task manually from student admission to keeping track of their performance and informing parents about it. Overall, punching & keeping all these records manually in excel and on daily basis took lots of efforts along with the time.

Client requested Harrier to develop a system on web platform that will assure the optimization of administration process with the accuracy.

The Solution

Harrier worked closely with the client to design architecture for the system. Our designers made the website theme simple yet impressive, favorable for parents and student too. The website effectively showcasing learning programs along with competency of Learning on it and student’s feedbacks.
We have made a separate registration for parent, student and teachers on the system. Each one has a separate dashboard which allows particular person to view the necessary details and also update the things comes under their concern. This made administration and teacher to automate their reporting on a batch and on the students.

Key Features

  • Admin can schedule the classes

    • Allocation of a class to a teacher with a comment.
    • Adding student in a class.
    • Rescheduling of classes based on unavailability of student or teacher.
    • Able to create reports based on the total no. of sessions attended, classes attended, class remaining, payment status and total fee paid.
    • Can provide feedback on student performance based on different feedback criteria.
  • Teacher can feed student activities on

    • Can allocate exercise for students.
    • Can provide feedback on student performance based on different feedback criteria.
  • Parents/Student

    • Parents can view the recent classes attended by their child.
    • Parents can view feedback given by teacher/Admin.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Clear and impressive UI.

Major Challenges

It is a real time system which get affected by unavailability of students and teachers at a particular time so creating a configurable class scheduler based on real time situations had to put extra efforts.

Technology Environment

ASP.NET MVC, Framework 4.5.2, Azure SQL Database 2014