IoT CMCS (Central Monitoring & Control System)

The Client

Acevin Solutions

The Problem

Acevin solutions wanted to develop a system for central monitoring and control system for smart street lights management. The objective was to enables real time communication between street lights and the its control system.

The Solution

Harrier developed a dashboard with data coming into frames over TCP/IP, enabling real time monitoring of street lights. Our well organized dashboard with coordinated statistics for each metric makes it easier for user to monitor the street lighting system and take needed actions when required.

Key Features

  • Status Reporting: Status reporting for city, zones and areas in graphs gives a clear overview. Feeder status graph provides an overview of lights’ status in terms of connected, disconnected and faulty along with the percentage of lights on faults severity level.
    Power vs energy graphs can be seen on different phases for baseline, actual and referral energies.
    Energy savings in KW and price, % CO2 reduction can also be reported.
  • Location Tracking: Location tracking of street lights in Google maps along with its working status.
  • Alarms: Alarms notification setting on different activity parameters ensures quick response for actions to be taken.
  • Auto Switching: Pattern for auto on-off switching of lights according to weather conditions

Major Challenges

  • Matching of frame parameters with socket programming and its verification as on actual condition of street lights.

Technology Environment

ASP.Net, C#, HTML/CSS, MS SQL server, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery, Google chart API, Yahoo map API