AWC ­ Analytical Work Center

AWC ­ Analytical Work Center

The Client

Leading credit research and rating agency in India

The Problem

Being a leading credit research agency, the client found it difficult to monitor their daily deals/cases workflow with their existing web application. The processed deals are finalized into rating report of company. This application had limitations on organizing tasks and didn’t carry analytics capabilities. This situation created urgent requirement for dedicated dashboard for monitoring of overall process of rating along with some output statistics.

The Solution

Harrier analyzed the scope and necessity for the solution and created organized structure based on the requirement. The most important aspect is that the system requires continuous communication to clients and end user feedback on each step, with user experience at its best, and how efficiently things can be presented with accuracy and relevance.
Our team of developers, designers and testers followed these guidelines till completion of the project.

Key Features

  • All in One Dashboard: The dashboard shows no. of new cases, initials calls, cases for renewals and reports pending for issuer’s along with the analysts working on it. These cases are then categorized by business group and location.
  • Complete monitoring of Deals/cases: The system allows to feed all details about deals and issuer’s (company) details. Admin can assign analyst to work on a particular deal. Admin can also see all the deals those are under process in “Deal list”. Admin can send notification to analyst regarding deal status.
  • My Portfolio: Analysts can see cases assigned to them, all details about issuers and can set current status. Cases data can also be imported in my portfolio.
  • Reports: All case reports are under issuers reports, deal completion reports and rating committee reports along with their current processing status.

Major Challenges

  • Large Data migration from old admin website to this new application.

Technology Environment

ASP.Net Framework 4.5, MVC 4, SQL server 2014